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Born in Heidelberg, Germany, Tosha’s discerning eye and love for fashion developed at a very young age.  

​Tosha has held positions such as Creative Director for online fashion boutiques, Stylist and Accessories Editor and Contributor for fashion based online magazine Eighty and Six thus contributing to her experience in the fashion industry.  After obtaining positions in the business and creative fields Tosha has found that the areas of fashion styling, fashion design and creative direction are what she is most passionate about.  Tosha is continuously working to expand her knowledge in the fashion industry, thus sharpening her talent by continuously educating herself through relevant fashion design courses, literature and digital media.


Tosha has also been featured in Cinhte Magazine, Who What Wear, Huffington Post, Teen and on for her own inspiring personal style.


With her keen eye for detail and fresh, edgy and versatile approach to styling, Tosha’s ability to simultaneously predict trends, and transcend them will solidify her presence in an ever-changing industry.

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